Manimal is a state of mind, a tribe, a culture, a passion, and a way of being. 

Manimal is rooted in three core values: Grow the business together, build a stronger team, and share the harvests with the community. We believe that our core values are strongly interconnected and our goal is that the culture and decisions made every day at Manimal are centered around advancing our core values. 

Our mission at Manimal Smokehouse is to serve delicious food using the oldest method of preserving and preparing meat known to mankind by using our own custom made oak wood smoker directly imported from Texas. 

We began from the humble roots of cooking for friends on the rooftops of Itaewon, Seoul. The idea back then was the same as it is now, to remain humble and make the most delicious BBQ while continuing to have fun with both old and new friends.

Keeping it Manimal since 2015. 

매니멀은 열정이자 마음가짐이며, 문화이고 살아가는 방식입니다.

매니멀엔 세가지 핵심가치가 있습니다

함께 사업을 성장시키는 것, 함께 더 튼튼한 팀을 만드는 것 그리고 함께 나누는 것. 매니멀은 이 핵심가치들

이 서로 연결되어있다 믿으며 이 세 가지를 함께 성장시키는 것이 매니멀의 미션입니다.

처음엔 단순히 오랜 친구들과 함께 바베큐를 나누어 먹기 위해 이태원 옥상에서 요리를 했습니다. 이제 매니멀 스모크하우스는 가장 맛있는 바베큐를 만들어 오랜 친구들, 그리고 앞으로 만나게 될 새로운 친구들과 함께 즐기고 싶습니다.

Keeping it Manimal since 2015.

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